Learn to appreciate.

Do not take anything for granted.
You would never know what you are missing out on until you really feel the emptiness it leaves behind when it is gone.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Undergrad - done and dusted!

Yesterday was the day I completed my undergraduate degree. Frankly speaking, I was really happy, for the first 2 hours. Once the 2 hour was up, I felt empty and the need to do something, anything straight away. You could say I'm addicted to having to wake up at 8 every morning, starting my day right then and there. I don't sleep in anymore cause it feels like a waste of time. I want to do something that could better my life and others' as well. 

That's when I realised I want to work. Not just any work, work that I truly believe in and love. I would love to do that right away. But with my undergrad degree, there's only so much I could do. Nobody would trust an undergrad inserting an IV tube into their arms. There are so many people suffering day in day out. There are also heaps of people helping them feel better, and I wanna be a part of that.

If you ask me 3 years ago before my undergrad degree, "why dentistry?", my answer would be, "That was what I was subjected to do." I never really know why I want to be a dentist. I thought I have to be one because I told my dad I would when I was 7. Getting the stamp of approval from him means the world to me (I was an attention seeking whore. LOL. Middle child syndrome). And so, I thought that was my dream. Since then, I embarked on a journey of becoming a dentist.

There were a couple of times in which I came to doubt my decision in choosing this career. Being lost and not knowing what to do next scares me. I always thought if anyone would have a career in the healthcare field, doctor, dentist, physiotherapist and nurses are the only few you could choose from. The choices were limited and if I couldn't be at least one of them, what's the point? 

I really hit a low this year when I was trying to pass my GAMSAT (so I could go to grad school). But the best part about undergrad was it opens up opportunities to you. 

Anatomy was the thing that sparks my interest. My first day of dissection was scary yet exciting. I remember me being pissed in the middle of the dissection because I wasn't learning enough. I want to learn everything about the body in front of me. I want to be exposed with all there is to learn about human anatomy. That was the moment I fell truly in love with anatomy. I get to know myself better as the semester progresses, physically and literally. I became a nerd (LOL), someone no one saw coming. Not even myself. I love attending lectures and doing notes. There was some kind of calm and stillness learning gave me. Knowledge made me full. 

This year has been a roller coaster. I've hit lows and highs. I've lost and found myself. I've made friends and connected with them on a personal level. I've gone out of my comfort zone and see the world differently. 

What's next you might ask? Well, Grad school and just living life a day at a time. When you enjoy life a day at a time, things that don't matter slips away. Steve Jobs was right. "Live everyday like it is the last day you're alive". 

Go out and enjoy life, a day at a time. =)

Monday, October 17, 2016

If you can't change how people think, change how you perceive.

Most of us often get flustered over somethings other people did to us. Sure everyone has the power to influence someone, be it their thoughts, action or behaviour. However, if it goes south and it is impacting on your life, instead of getting flustered and ruin your mood, Why not change your view on that matter? Try be in their shoes and think what gave them the idea of doing that at the first place. Try to understand both sides of the story before you come to a conclusion about a person and how you process/resolve the situation. Remember one thing, no one can change your state of mind. Only if you let them.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Be selfish for yourself.

To the outside world, I am always this bubbly, happy-go-lucky person. If a stranger walks pass me they would've possibly thought of me as a free minded individual who presumably does not have a worry in the world. Seeing myself from an outsider's eye (which wasn't quite possibly tbh), I could either be a person who is trying hard to get attention or a person who is just, happy. 

What initiated this thought? I would have to start from the beginning, the roots of every story (which could take some time for me to get to the interesting part, but it could been worth it eh?). The burden of a 21 year old. Why would I even say that? Comparing to my parents or peers older than me, 21 might seems like a piece of cake. Well, they have been there, done that and survived it. Isn't it irony? Whenever you're at the moment of life people were describing, it always seems 10 times harder than it would be. Once you've passed that stage, everything is crystal. Sometimes, I imagine life as a game, every level must be completed before you go onto the next one where yet another new challenge awaits. Those who successfully survived and went through the different phases gets to die old. And maybe (and JUST maybe), life is controlled by an individual (or a figure) we call god (depends on which religion or no religion you believe in). 

Anyways, I've been side tracked by all these thoughts in my mind again. 

As I said, the burden of 21 finally sets in. When I am talking about burden, I am specifying on the responsibilities, the urge of wanting to succeed, to be financially independent, the temptation of wanting to love and to be loved in return... (TBH the list goes on). 

I believe that everyone has come across these thoughts every now and then, not particularly at the age of 21. Some might be earlier and some later. Regardlessly, they are there, constantly in our minds, sometimes hidden, sometimes being amplified to a greater extend that it's suffocating. 

This year is the year where my life changes massively. 

I gotta be honest - the first three months of 2016, I wasn't by all means happy at all. It was hard. Constantly predicting and fearing the future has taken its toll on me and I was drowning. Being the stubborn person I sometimes am, I kept everything to myself, until the point when I just can't take it anymore and then BAM! I've fallen into pieces. I broke myself. It's funny how you can break something within seconds and yet, it takes the longest time to repair a split second of mistake. Picking up my damaged self took me months. I've came to accept the fact that I needed help. I can't do it alone. Not anymore. Carrying all these "self proclaimed burden of the (MY) world" I have on my back was exhausting and it is draining the life out of me. I was not a happy person. I was so focused on what I wanted, what I needed to be in life that I forgot there were people beside me, supporting me along the way. Neglecting the people around me was one of the things that I feel really bad for. I was too eager to become this individual I always imagined myself to be that in the process, I lost myself completely. 

Picking myself up, pieces by pieces, I discovered myself all over again. I guess that's another beauty of life. You have to lose yourself before you discover/find yourself again. Do it more than 2 or 3 times and you'll get the hang of it. Just like a puzzle piece. The first time of assembling a piece of puzzle always takes the longest time. The more you do it, the shorter the amount of time it is for you to get it done. Same thing with life, do life more often so it wouldn't seem so scary as you age. 

Another reason I wasn't happy was because I felt isolated. I find it so hard to find people who has the same drive towards something that I am really passionate about as I am. I find it hard to find people that has the same excitement and fear about life as I have. Friends around me, they don't get it. Or I chose not to open up to them with the constant fear that they won't able to feel what I feel. I was in constant fear for some reason. So I chose to be alone. That's when I broke myself. 

I have this personality that might be the best and worst thing about myself, which is I overanalyse or overthink somewhat too often. So when a problem (or i would call crisis) hits me, I quickly find out the source of my problem and try fixing it. I tried fixing myself. I started to seek for help when I hit a question wall regarding the lecture content, I started asking more when I have a problem, I started to just go out and be with people... I try fixing myself before I break myself again.

*This is when my story gets interesting if anyone of you are wondering. Pardon me. I'm not particularly a good story teller. 

They (whoever they are) say that the harshest judgement a person could receive is often given out by the one in the mirror. Nobody knows your flaws and imperfections better than yourself. I know it's bloody hard to try and be yourself in this world when there are so many voices telling you not to, telling you to fit in and telling you to be ordinary. Everyone wants to be special and extraordinary but we are so focused on fitting in that we lost ourselves. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, losing and finding myself in repetition gives me a clearer mind and a better view of the kind of live I wanted to have and the kind of person I wanted to be. I might be really selfish sometimes, constantly thinking about myself and what I could do to improve myself. But if we don't focus on ourselves now, when? There is no better time to focus on myself than right now. Right now, I don't have a kid, I don't have a family to take care of, I don't need to worry about money (I am absolutely blessed with the most amazing parents that are able to support me even till today). So the least I could do is to focus on myself now, just so I could do good to my parents, my future family and to give back to this society. I want to help. I want to be in use of this world. I constantly find the need and a drive within myself to help others. And I think to be able to do that in the hopefully not far away future, I am dedicating this period of my life to myself. 

I want to get lost as much as possible and be able to find myself all over agin.

want to be able to explore my greatest potential. 

I want to be able to inspire someone, or anyone for that matter to live for yourself and be selfish for yourself once in a while. 

I want to be able to face my fear and be great at it. 

I want to do something that I wasn't good at doing and try my best to be better. 

I want to be more open to the idea of opening up to someone and not be afraid to get hurt anymore. 

I want to JUST be myself. 

 There is so much I want to do for myself and sometimes I could be a little selfish. But if not now, when? I am taking great use of this opportunity and time to focus on myself so that in the distant future, I won't be able to break myself so easily anymore. I will know what is best for me. I will handle a crisis better. I will resolve my stress with a little bit of grace (if that's possible). And hopefully when someone who has the same drive about life as I do come along, I am able to keep up with their speed and run along them happily. 

{Actually, I've already found 3 person with similar drive about the future as me. And all these while, they were right in front of me. I just couldn't see it until now. =)}

Friday, November 13, 2015

21st Birthday

Took me a month and a half to finally decided to blog about my 21st birthday (cause that's what I always do since 2008). So, The big 21 has arrived when I finally transformed into an adult. There's one thing I always come to realise whenever it's my birthday. Those who care will find a way to send their wishes no matter how busy or how occupied they are. Those who don't simply doesn't matter. I gotta admit I am a person who loves surprises (I just acted like I don't cause I'll be classified as one of those basic bitches). And boy did I get some. Well, from those who really matter. First of all, yes. I bought my own birthday present from my parents again this year. Just like every other year. They just give up on surprising me already. Haha. Well, they did celebrate my belated 21st with me when I went home during spring break. The one where I don't even know it's my birthday celebration until mum told me "Dad wanted to get you a cake initially cause he knows how much you love ice cream cake". Ngaw... "But he didn't cause it's too late and it wouldn't be a surprise anymore." Well, since I don't even know they are celebrating my 21st year of existence in this world (*Apparently that day was my traditional Chinese birthday.), I let it go. (For my grandpa's birthday celebration on the day after, I got a huge ass ice cream cake for him. So it's a win-win situation.) Second of all, 我的好朋友 Jingy tried to surprise me but failed big time. All because I did not check my mailbox. Plus, it was like 2 days before my birthday. Technically, I wouldn't even bother checking my mailbox. She can't stand the anticipation anymore. So she called and in a very direct way asked me to go and check my mailbox. Haha. I laughed so hard cause just last week, I was trying to surprise LA and failed big time too. I collected my parcel and it turned out to be a cardholder with my initial on it. It is the most beautiful card holder ever! Absolutely love it. LA had a bouquet of flowers delivered to me. We were on the phone when I discover a bouquet of roses sitting on my desk. In my 21 years of life, I've only received roses twice. And surprise surprise, twice were from her. haha. Even if I ended up alone in this world, at least someone I absolutely adore sent me flowers before. So, I'm good.... The passage above was last written 3 weeks ago. It took me this long to attempt in finishing writing this post. And I realised it doesn't really matter how my birthday turned out to be. As a matter of fact, it doesn't really matter at all. In short, I went for a picnic with my close friends on my birthday and had a lovely dinner with the rest of my friends. That's all. As simple as that. Cake was from Don't Tell Charles.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I say "love you" to everyone that I genuinely care about after every goodbyes. That's cause I am so afraid they wouldn't know how much they meant to me and I want them to know that. Life is too short as we know it. The reason why I started saying I love you so often is because I realised I've never told my grandpa I love him face to face until the moment he is lying in his death bed. That's my biggest regret till date. I don't think anything could ever top that. Ever. (This song is really digging up all my memories. The best and the worst.)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

19 going to 20

For everyone who knows me well enough, certainly know 19 is my favorite number. Simply cause everything I do in life, it seems to be relatable with the number 19. It's fated, always is, always will be. As I am approaching to the age of 20, it hits me. A lot has happened in a year. Just last year, I sworn to myself that 19 would be the best birthday I've ever gonna have with my best friends. Let's see. It was the last birthday the three stooges celebrated their birthday together for the next 8 years. I thought I had everything figured out last year on my birthday. I thought I was happy back then. Yes. It might have been the best birthday I had since a long while. Yes. I got everyone I needed back then. Family, friends, life figured out. Until I got a call from my mum telling me I couldn't get into dentistry due to unforeseen reasons. It was the happiest day and the worst day (Not exactly the worst. The worst day of my life was when I lose my grandpa) of my life. I thought my life was over. Just like that. Not future. No nothing. After I got myself figured out, I got into University of Melbourne. And everything was ancient history. I never regretted coming to Melbourne to pursue my future. Not even once. Yes I do miss home sometimes but if I could, I'd move my whole family to melbourne. It's where dreams are actually possible. And yes, I do miss my friends back home. But hey, you could actually identify who is your true friends once you leave your home country. Who are the ones worth putting effort in and who are just NOT WORTHY at all. You see their true colors. (and so it's time to reorganize your friend list once again). I've met a lot of new people here in Melbourne. It's such a blessing knowing all of them cause they've been so great to me. I just couldn't tell you how blessed I am in life with all the friends I have here in Melbourne. I must have done something right in life. I was happy on my 19th birthday. I was so grateful with all the people I have (had) in my life. On my 20th birthday, I AM geniunely happy with life. I am happy with where I am and who I am today. Now that's the difference between my 19th and 20th birthday.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Leaving soon

In less than two weeks, I will be leaving this comfortable house I am staying, this beautiful country filled with food you can only get here and buildings you come to fancy, my amazing friends and almost importantly, my support system in life, my family. That's right. In less than two weeks I will be leaving for Melbourne. Never really foresee myself leaving here so soon. I always predict how my future will be like. In fact, I don't think anything has happen as what I've predicted before. Life's is unpredictable. Damn they are right about that. 

I used to think me leaving to Melboune is a step back for me. Like I am not moving forward at all. I am not doing what I was supposed to do right now. Now that I have a clearer view, It wasn't a step back but simply a chance to be better before I start my life as a dental student. Dental student. Ah! It has a better ring to everything. My mother always tell me, "Everyhing happens for a reason". Maybe I was meant to go through this phase in my life. Maybe something amazing will happen throughout the process. You just have to go with your guts. Have a leap of faith. *Note to self 

Anyways, in less than two weeks, I am leaving. It is a big deal for me. I am starting over there. Clean slate. In a country I am not familiar with, people I have yet to meet, culture I am eager to explore, and places I have not been to. It might seems scary(it sounded so scary already!) not knowing what is coming to you. Starting over is exciting yet it might not always be fun. Oh well. Let's just say, Life Awaits! 😊 


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Greetings to everyone. It's 2014!!! Normally I would blog about going into a brand new year. Unfortunately, I wrote my post in my notes and forgot to post it here. By the time I realized that, I was already too lazy to write everything all over again. So, my apology. 

Chinese New Year is approaching in exactly two days time. Aren't you excited? Maybe it's because I'm leaving to Melbourne soon, it makes me even more excited than the usual years. I even drove back to Penang the earliest. Cheers to that. 😄 

I am now sitting at MCD near my house at Batu Ferringhi having some alone time. Well, I was hungry so I thought, where is the best place to eat and have exceptionally good wifi? Well, that would be my room in KL. Unfortunately, I've moved out from that apartment and it's 350km away from Penang. The next closest place is MCD. Well, I've been eating clean(not really!) for so long. It's time for some fattening and unhealthy food. Anyways, I'm here. 

I think having some alone time once in a while is important. It gives you time to know yourself more, discover your thoughts, think. No matter what it is. Sitting alone, eating alone, watching the way people act around you. It gives you so much to think about. By having some time alone, one thing became clear. Life is beautiful. Life around us is magnificent. Somehow, I feel so blessed for being alive, for being able to feel everything and touch everything in this world I am living in. Well surely there is some other world out there. Science is amazing. We'll leave it to science. For now, We talk about our world.  I think a person's emotions changes the way you look and feel about things around you. For example, if you feel angry at the moment, you will certainly feel like whatever I wrote in this post are bullshits and that life is one big ball of frustration. But if you're happy, you'll definitely agree with me. 

When I was driving back to Penang today, I gotta say, I enjoyed the journey very much. The sky is blue, the trees that passed me by look so green and healthy, the road that I was driving wasn't bumpy at all. It was a smooth ride. To top everything up, when I reach Batu Ferringhi, I saw that amazingly blue and clear sea surrounding it. I've never seen another sea so clear and blue(well, I have actually). The point is, at that moment, I was so happy that I thought everything around me are the best thing I've ever seen in my life. They say money can't buy happiness. How about, money can't buy serenity and peace. 

My friends, try it someday, go and drive on the highway alone, leave all your troubles and work behind and just drive. Enjoy the journey. Even if it's just for a couple of hours. Maybe you'll come back more relax. Or maybe you won't. Either way, at least you'll learn about something during your journey. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

19th on the 19th September

People who have been following up/reading my blog since I started blogging will be familiar with this birthday post I never fail to update every year. This year, I am updating about my birthday almost 2 months late. There was a lot on my plate(or you could say, my mind. We'll get to that later.) 

So, for this year's birthday, I decided to combine the three of our birthday celebration on a day which was on my actually birthday. When I say the three of us, I meant by me, Vicky and Qian. The preparation before that was a pain in the ass. You know, being a Virgo, you want everything to go smoothly and perfectly. When something goes wrong, you are not please with it, at all. Well, all the cons of being in the sign of Virgo. 

Two days before my big day, I went down to KL with Eva to get all the things we possibly need on that day. Everything went really smooth on that day. Got to choose my own birthday presents, got my birthday dress(I believe everyone has it on their birthday) and of course I got to spend a lovely day with a few of my best friends. Had a little catch up session with my college mates as well at Hui Cui's birthday celebration. Went home with a handfull of shopping bags and happiness. 

The next day, which was my birthday eve and also the very lovely Miss Bernice Lee's birthday. Gosh I miss that girl. 
Happy birthday girl! 
Going back to the point. We drove to Mid Valley and met up with Qian and Lye. Dress hunting for Qian got right into progress! It was fun, probably tiring for Qian. But fun. A lot of fun! :) Once we got the dress, off we went to IKEA for some juicy meatballs. I will never get bored of them meatballs. Right after IKEA, we went straight to My Burgerlab. Of course we had to go there early. There's always a line outside. Hands down to the best burger in town! Ordered two burgers, one with fries as sides. We thought it would be more than enough. Let's not forget the fact that we just had meatballs before our burgers. The burgers turned out to be out of the world we couldn't get enough of it. It was my third visit to My Burgerlab and I fell madly in love with their burgers every single time. After our very satisfying dinner, we went to Paradigm Mall to get Vicky's present. Everything was set for the birthday celebration. Went to the supermarket to get some groceries for next day's breakfast. Later, we went home, cleaned ourselves up and found ourselves cooking supper away and playing with candles.(Mid autumn festival falls on my birthday this year) About 11.30pm, Vicky and Dimple arrived at my doorsteps. 

When the clock strikes 12am, everyone wished me Happy Birthday. I swear to god I never felt so loved from my friends before. Eva gave me my presents(which I knew what it was already and love it!) and a card that says "Happy Birthday, Bitch!". That, was the ultimate highlight! So around 2am, all of us went to bed.
I woke up around 8am. iOS 7 had launched and when I turned on my phone, it felt like Apple personally gave me a birthday present by launching the latest software. I am and always will be a huge fan of Apple inc. Went through all the birthday messages while my best friends were busy cooking breakfast for everyone. 

That moment, with the balcony door open, wind blowing into the living room, relaxing music playing on speaker, looking up to the clear blue sky over the green hills with some beautiful condos to accessories it, I found peace and serenity. I told myself,"Embrace the moment. It will not come often." And I did. I have never been happier, more peaceful and loved in my life. That right there was a moment to be remembered for the rest of my life. I always thought people have to feel special on their birthdays. I did! I felt extra special and important on my birthday. Now that I thought back of it, that birthday was probably the last birthday we got to celebrate together. I was glad I got to spend it with them. Sitting around the table enjoying a perfect breakfast with friends I absolutely care about made my morning a hard to forget one. 
Law Thong came to join us around 1pm. She came with a present! Aww. *blush 
After everyone got ready, we went to Bangsar for some Dip N Dip chocolate goodness. Also, we managed to get the best Red Velvet Cake I've ever eaten in my life - Bisou's Red Velvet cake. It was god damn good, especially with the crunchy toppings that comes with it. Of course, I got a little present for myself - One Republic concert tickets. You get to spoil yourself a little bit once in awhile. *wink 
Around 6pm, we got home, and all the girls started to prepare themselves for the night. It took us all 1 hour and 15 minutes to get ready. Girls being girls. Can't blame us, can you? LOL. We reached Publika around 8.15pm, just in time for dinner. We dined at Silver Spoon restaurant with a really beautiful and sophisticated table decorations for our birthday dinner celebration. So glad Vicky chosen that out for us. I ordered myself their signature Braised Lamb Shank. The meat peeled right off the bones, accompanied with that buttery mash potato. It was real good. Of course, I ordered a bottle of red wine to go with the meal. The decorations and meal was too nice they have to go with a bottle of wine. I know nothing about wine. But I know the difference between a good wine and an average wine. Father taught me well. *smirk 
Red wine is worth the price. 

 In the midst of eating, enjoying food and chatting away, we heard birthday song, sung by a group of people. The first thought in my mind was "Oh! Who is that lucky person sharing the same birth day as me?! I must meet that person!" Getting excited, I turned my head around only to found a group of my friends, holding a birthday cake, singing birthday song from outside of the restaurant all the way to our table. I was in utter shock! Never in a million years was I expecting someone to surprise me.(I had learnt not to expect so much from people to avoid some unnecessary disappointment. That was the way of protecting myself from hurting) If you asked me did I cry the answer will be No. I did not shed a tear but I was over the moon. A small little gesture by a group of friends were all it took to send me over the moon, maybe even Mars. After I blew out my cake and cut it, that's when the party really started. Everyone around my table made a toast to me, wishing me happy birthday and how they felt about me and things they wanted to tell me. JoJo even cried, saying she missed me being her housemate. I almost cry when I saw tears streaming down her cheek. I missed that too. Eva talked about our friendship, how it started as hatred between two people and turned into something so wonderful in the end.(We will be repeating that story for the rest of our lives). YYY told me I will be getting an invitation to her wedding in the future. Ngaw. Vicky and Qian have not much to say but deep down, I already knew how much I meant to them and they to me. After all, we grew up together. The three of us know each other pretty well. I always see them as my sisters from another mother. *blush* 
Lye of course wished me like a gentleman. Dimple too, wished me with style. :) 
Among the group of friends that came to surprise me were Xian Kai, Khia Jhin, Jheston, Victor, Jaslyn and of course, my long lost buddy Yoong Sin Weng. Even typing out his name seemed weird to me. That's how long we haven't been seeing each other. Truth was, I miss that guy, A LOT! When he came, I was really surprised. Never really expect him, but he showed up. Talking to him felt like I was back at high school. He was a huge part of my 5 years in school. It was definitely good to see him and catch up with him. Felt just like old times. So, the day ended with them singing a birthday song for me for the last time and just in time to sing Vicky one. Definitely love birthday countdowns like this. This was the second year for me and Vicky to do that together. Heh. 
Then, we went home with a tired but contented hearts. Lights off at 3am. 

The next day, I woke up early to pack my bags for both Singapore and home. Around 10.30am, I reached the airport and 12.15pm, my flight to Singapore departed. Didn't get me long to reach Singapore. I was dead tired both from yesterday and that day itself. Coincidently bumped into Chan Li Yuen at Changi Airport. That cute girl never failed to crack me up with her pure good heart. Went back to Voon Wooi's place after that. I couldn't take it anymore I need to sleep. Took an hour nap before I get ready for IAMHARDWELL tour at Singapore. I was still not up to the rave when we reached Fort Canning Park. The moment I really got pumped up was when I got pass the entrance into that big field filled with EDM lovers/ravers. I never felt so belonging in a place before. Everyone in the crowd knew all the songs. I was homed at that moment. I do not have much friends who loves the same music as I am. So, I definitely felt like that was where I belong at that moment. Dannic was up on the stage, opening for Hardwell. I was so excited to see Hardwell. Before that, I would listen to every single one of his sets, imagining myself dancing in the crowd. The moment he came out, I lost it. Completely lose myself. My dreams came true. 
Watching him spinning on stage and getting high with every beat he dropped, dancing through the entire set, I was detached from reality, sinking myself completely into his music. 
Hardwell is and always will be my favorite DJ. He is the one that is hard to beat. Maybe it's the dimples on his face or the way he smile or the way he brings up the crowd or his music, I felt connected with him. Everyone remember how obsessed I was with Mr Taylor Lautner. Yea. That was that kind of connection I had with Hardwell, minus the obsessive part. I am definitely not that obsessive bitch anymore. Let's just say I grew up. *wink 
When Hardwell's set ended, I almost cried. I held back. I was happy, because my dreams came true. 
Thank you Mr Hardwell! Congratulations to him too, for getting #1 in DJ MAG TOP 100. He well deserved it. He worked his ass off this year. *blush 

The next day, I had my first meal since my birthday, which was MCD at the airport. Around 12pm, I bid farewell to Voon Wooi and her sister and hoped on the plane back to Malaysia. They have been really great host to me. Thank you so much. Once I reached Malaysia, I drove straight away back to Ipoh, back to my family. Ah! My family. I didn't ask for a cake or anything. Just a simple dinner at home with them. We had a great time catching up and just be a family. No money in the world will ever top that RM30 dinner for 4 in my own dining room. That my friend, was the event I enjoyed the most throughout my birthday week. I love them all so much no amount of words will be enough to express that amount of love I have for them. <3 

And that is the end of my one week long 19th birthday celebration. It was the best birthday week I had in my entire live. Well, I'm only 19. *wink 

Till next time. 

Monday, September 16, 2013


Everyone has that day when they have a lot in their chest and can't wait to just burst them out. I'm gonna just go out and say what I've been dying to say but had been holding back due to some reasons. I really don't like doing favors for other people and it goes unappreciated. It somehow feels like what you've done for them, they don't like it. That is why they don't feel the need to say a simple "thank you" or appreciate the things you've done for them. Or maybe they take you for granted. That's the worst of all. People often ask/scold me, why don't you say no to them when you've got so much on your plate? The truth is, I don't like feeling disappointed. I know how it feels. Doesn't feel good at all. That is why I don't want to disappoint people. I don't want them to feel what I once felt. So I always feel the need to make people/friends happy. Always listen and sometimes give advices to them. Make them feel appreciated. Truth is, I focused too much on making my friends happy. I kinda forgot what makes me truly happy. Then I turned around and realized I have this loving family behind me, always supporting me, giving me everything I need in life. Maybe I should start focusing on making them happy instead of my friends. Maybe it's time to focus on myself and my family instead of others. This negative energy has to go away before it completely ruin my confidence again.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Master Cleanse

I've been doing a lot of survey on The Master Cleanse detox diet since I found out Beyonce(my diva) did this detox/diet to get into her ideal shape for her role in DREAMGIRLS<---ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE MOVIE. 
I've been doing my research about it for a few years you could say. On and off. Been wanting to loose some weight fast cause I am not the type of girl who has a slim fit figure. I am always battling with my weight since god knows when. 

One day, I came across a couple whose been posting up vlogs about their lives on youtube. I found out that they did carry out The Master Cleanse diet for a few times already. They even did a total of 13 vlogs, from starting till the ending of The Master Cleanse. It finally hit me. I am finally gonna do it. Since I am on a long term holiday. 

For those who don't know, Master Cleanse is a 10 day detox program which you are required to only drink lemon juice with equal parts of maple syrup and a little bit of cayenne pepper throughout the day along with a salt water flush in the morning and herbal laxative tea at night. 

After as-I-recall a feast full weekend at KL, I came back to Ipoh, ready to take up the challenge I've been wanting to do since Queen Bey did it(She inspired me in so many ways). 

On the 22/8(thurs), I went into my first day of Master Cleanse. I was pretty excited to be honest. I am finally doing something for myself(or that's what I thought). There was absolute no cravings on the first day. Plus, the juice is pretty good. I've been sipping 9 juices in total on the first day. Of course, with the large amount of water I drank, I tend to go to the toilet a lot. 

On the 2nd day, I went to the toilet early in the morning after my salt water flush to flush out all the toxins in my body. It was not pleasant at all. Remember, this is a cleanse. It cleanses out all the toxins that have been accumulated in your body for a long time. You tend to loose more of your water weight instead of your muscle weight. After my cleanse in the morning, I weighed myself. I lost 1kg just in one day. I was overjoyed with the result I am seeing and soon, more determined to finish the cleanse. 

Everything was fine until I reached day 6. I've been craving for all sorts of food on that day. At the end of day 6, I already feel like giving up. But I didn't. There comes day 7. 

In the morning, I fetched my sister to school(I'm on parent duty for a week). When I'm done, I came home, did my salt water flush and continued my very much needed sleep. I was really tired today particularly throughout the cleanse. When I woke up, it's already 11.30am. So I went downstairs to get some water and ready to have my first juice. In the middle of walking down the stairs, I blackouted and fell. When I regained my consciousness,all I felt is numbness of my hands. My maid who saw me lying on the stairways quickly rush beside me and helped me up. That's when I realised I was bleeding. Blood came out from the back of my head. It's so nostalgic for me in some way. You see, When I was two, my maid back then accidentally drop a key onto my head and the key went straight into my skull. I ended up having stitches when I was two. 

Back to the story. So my maid called my driver to come home and fetch me to the clinic. Everything was moving so fast. Slowly I began to feel pain from my jawline right up to my ears and also at the back of my head which was where the bleeding came from. 

"So that's what blacking out feels like." I thought to myself. 

Stitches, the first thing that came into my mind and also a thing I was quite afraid of. I went to see my family doctor. He quickly examined me. I asked him whether I needed stitches. He said the wound is quite deep and stitches is undoubtedly required. I panicked a bit but didn't show it on my face. The pain on my ears were so severe that when the doctor was stitching me up, I didn't feel any pain. I was feeling a bit nausea and low energy. Can you believe it? 10 hours of sleep and I'm still low in energy. The doctor  asked more questions about my diet and stuff. I couldn't bear lying to him. Told him I was on a liquid diet. He measured my blood pressure and glusose level. I was save!(Drank half a bottle of V soy before I went in cause kakak insisted. V soy never fails to save my life). 

He prescribed me with some medicine and soon, I went home, feeling like I've been hit with a bat at the back of my head. The pain didn't fade but became more and more severe. This is when I declared my defeat on The Master Cleanse. I have to stop considering my conditions. Kakak(my maid) cooked me some porridge. I only ate a bit, worrying that I will vomit after 6 days of no solid food in my system. Throughout the day, I slept in pain and woke up in even worse pain. Kakak kept asking me if I needed any food. She was so scare I will faint again. I told her I was fine, just the pain. It's unbearable. I was on the edge of breaking down. 

Of course, I gotta tell my parents. I whatsapped my mum, telling her not to freak out on the things I'm about to tell her. I could tell she was very worried. After all, she is my mum. My sister came home, not asking much for a moment. She later told me she too went to our family doctor just now because of her runny nose. The doctor must be shocked. Two children in a day. LOL. 

The reason why I failed this first attempt of Master Cleanse is because I slept passed midnight everyday. I also didn't get to have a juice in the morning which I usually do and that makes me low in glucose and therefore, dizziness, lack of energy. 

In this 6 days of Master Cleanse I lost a total of 4kgs. Most of the weight I was loosing was my water weight. It will slowly gain back once I eat unhealthyly. My job, which is the toughest of all will be maintaining it. 

If you ask me is it worth a try? Absolutely. If you ask me if I would do it again in the future? Why not? Don't be intimidated by my blackout. I made a mistake. But that doesn't mean you would. My advice is, do as much research as you possibly can before you set your mind into this cleanse. It's not easy doing the cleanse as it requires a strong mental and focus. 

Definitely doing it for the second time and when I do, I'll make sure I succedd. 


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mortal Instrument: City of Bones

Just few hours ago, I came back from the movies.
Movie of the night would undoubtedly be Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Disclaimer: fan girl in the house that may go extremely crazy(sometimes annoying) with every little details of the movie. SPOILER ALERT! 

I was once a die heart twilight fan. 
I was so devoted to twilight at some point of my life. It went through high school with me for god sake. I treasured every single bit of the movie like it was part of me when I was still in school. 
Just last year, the twilight saga came to an end. I did cried on the last movie. Simply because it was the last one. Suddenly felt something was taken away from me. It was like something tragic just happened, like the end of a chapter of my life. Literally felt empty inside at the end of the movie. 

Now, after watching Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, I found another thing(more like a saga) to live for! 
It's like the beginning of another chapter of my life. Make no mistake. I am still a teenager. My pulse goes up when I see a hot dude pass by. I am very emotionally involved with every single thing in life. Well, you know, being a normal teenager should be. 
With Mortal Instruments, I feel alive again. I found the passion I've got for twilight when I first watched it with my sister. That was the beginning of my twilight mania. 

 6 years later, I did this,once again with the same person who started the twilight journey with me, MY ONE AND ONLY SISTER. The only one who is willing to go crazy with me on a movie saga. I am so glad it was her I started the journey with.  

Let's discuss about the movie. 
IMDB gave this movie a 7.0 out of 10.0 rating. It's pretty high for a supernatural movie. 
The main characters, Lily Collins as CLARY FRAY and Jamie Campbell Bower as JACE LIGHTWOOD blew me away with their on screen chemistry. I actually felt what they feel for each other while watching the movie. The love they have for each other... Partly because they were dating in real life during the shoot. It was so powerful I wish they continue dating each other for a very long time. 

Lily Collins is no doubt a beautiful young lady. Yes, I said some pretty harsh stuff about her when she was dating Taylor Lautner. I was very jealous of her back then. But I've grown since then. Her acting skills is very moving and impressive. It makes you feel the character, get to know the character more deeply. So if you want me to compare her with Kristen Steward, well, Kristen was emotionless in her movie. It was an obvious win for Lily.

Jamie Campbell Bower. He's quite a catch(OKAY!HE'S HOT!). He was previously in twilight as the bad vampire Caius and also in Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallow Part 1 as Gellert Grindelward. He looked so familiar that when I came across the trailer in the cinema, it got me thinking that I must have seen this guy somewhere. Didn't take much attention of him in all of the movies he's in I previously watched before simply because he was not as stand out as in Mortal Instruments. Finally, it was his time to shine. His perfect blue eyes swept me off my feet instantly once he came on screen. Blue eyes always has an effect on me. He portrayed Jace with a grade A. He gave people the impression of cool but honestly, he's very emotionally involved no matter how much he hides it and very much in love with Clary. 

Mortal Instruments is like a combination of all supernatural creatures. Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Devils. The main creature was Shadow Hunter. I want to thank the author of Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare for introducing Shadow Hunter to the world, to me. It truly made me want to do more research about them and explore the supernatural world. If it really does exist in this world. 

I still can't get over the scene when Clary found out Jace was her brother by blood. It shattered my heart into millions of pieces. I would never wish this to happen to anyone in real life. It will be too heart wrenching to even acknowledge. When siblings fall in love head over heels with each other... 

Also, another thing worth mentioning. The soundtrack of the movie includes a song entitiled ALMOST IS NEVER ENOUGH BY ARIANA GRANDE FT. NATHAN SKYES. I wanna say what a great job for choosing Ariana and Nathan to collaborate in this song. They sang this song perfectly. Their sound was a perfect match. Before the movie, I wanted to blame the producer(s) for composing such a lovely melody to go with such sad lyrics(I'm a hopeless romantic). After watching the movie, I finally understand the meaning behind the lyrics,the song. Great job on the song. It's perfect for the movie. It has been on replay since tuesday(20/8/2013) and I still can't get enough of it. 

This time, with Mortal Instruments, I'm gonna do it right. One movie at a time, one book at a time. I will not repeat the same mistakes I did with twilight. I finished all the novels in one shot and felt utterly disappointed in the cinema watching a movie which was pretty much predictable.

Mortal Instruments, my newly found obsession. 

If you want to know whether Jace and Clary have a happy ending in the end of the movie or not, make sure to catch this movie in the cinema nearby you. You wouldn't wanna miss it. Go experience the love they have for each other. 

(Free Promotion for the movie.LOL) 

I'll have to give this one again to both Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. The way they portrayed their love for each other blew me away. 

Mortal Instruments is gonna be a hit,a blockbuster, may be bigger than Twilight. Take my word when I say it is gonna have a huge impact on your life for the next six years. I know it will to me. 


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Haven't been blogging since my exam started and the rest was history. Decided to blog today cause I need to get some thoughts out of my head. It is always the best way when you want to share something to the world and with twitter, well. It has only 140 characters. So you do the math. Scenerio 1: Recently, gatherings were held. Lots of them. I was like, why not? Since it's been quite some time all of us last gathered. So I went to all the gatherings with an open heart. Thinking "It wil be fun. Since they were once very important friends in my life". To my misbelief, a quarter of the people did not attend. Part of them cancelled last minute and part of them have something urgent to attend. It kinda sadden me as I was quite looking forward to the gatherings. Put that aside. Scenerio 2: Just yesterday, a surprise birthday party for eva and bernard was held. Nicole, Carmenn and me were the three main organizers. We went through all the things we needed one by one. We were able to finish everything in just 11 days(partly thanks to all those training camps and trips we attended and organized back in high school). There were a lot of things that we met ends with and were forced to make some changes such as the venue, my unglam art work with the flowers, some last minute changes/preparation and etc. One issue which frustrate me the most would be sending out the invitations and waiting for their replies. We specifically said RSVP(respond) ASAP and yet some of them, I need to personally ask for an answer before the event. We invited about 30 of benard and eva's close friends. Some were on a vacation and could not make it. Some were busy/out of town. Some chose not to reply. Only half of them were able to make it. I felt a great deal of disappointment. All these people used to be a part of our daily lives. We studied together, hung out at each other's houses. And now, we suddenly grew up and stopped keeping in touch. Back in those days when technology doesn't consume us, we were able to make an effort for everything. We appreciate every gatherings we were invited to and every possible opportunity to meet up with each other. Probably with the advance technology of smart phones and communication devices, people are able to meet up more often with each other. Another reason would probably be they were so comfortable with where they are right now they were afraid with what they will face going back to their old friends. Somehow, after high school, everyone/everything changed and I'm fine with changes. Part of me feel sad and disappointed that friendships are so fragile. I once ask my mum, where were your high school friends? Do you still keep in touch? I was form 5 back then and I know nothing about the first thing of fragile friendships. To my shocking, she said,NO. She later told me that once you have your own family and your own life, you will be so busy with your life you just stop contacting each other. High School friendships were the most fragile ones. Once you know what you want in life and you start chasing it, well, somehow you can't have everything in your life. Naively, I answered her "This will never happen to me!" proudly. I was pretty happy with all the friends I've got back then. Everything was so perfect. If you want me to relive my form 5 life and not change a thing, I would willingy do so. Now when I rethink of what my mother said, she was right. Mother (ALWAYS) knows best. I personally think if everyone is willing to make an effort in a friendship/relationship, it will last long. If all of us don't mind the awkwardness we will feel meeting up with each other(which is inevitable) after so long, it will go back to what it used to be. But all of us were too caught up with our own lives. You always have choices in life. It's either within your comfort zone or out of your comfort zone. Your pick. JTL=)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Titles and Changes

The Popular kids. The not so popular kids. The wannabes. The nerds. The geeks. The Asians. The westerns...
Titles. They were everything to the high school teens. Without them, they feel left out, alone, unfit, unwanted. So how do they fit in? They change themselves. Just to fit in.
I used to be that girl who tried so hard to fit in. I tried so hard it became a part of me. I wasn't me anymore. No longer myself. No longer special in my own way. I think once you start to loose yourself, you start losing everything.
Friends, family, everything. Mentally, academically, physically. It's scary isn't it? Change.
A change of friends, a change of lifestyle, a change of environment, a change of people... But make sure you change for the better and not for the worse.
Titles. Those are temporary. But you being a better version of yourself, changing to a better self, now that is forever.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Let us go down to memory lane shall we? I particularly love doing that. The past seems so good, present seems too real, future simply seem scary. The past is always a good place to go when I'm feeling lonely. They say to never look back, keep moving forward. I don't 100% agree with that statement. Mainly because, whatever mistakes we had made in the past or whatever rights we've done in the past, must somehow be remembered. Why? It's simple. Not to make the same mistakes again and to remind you what goods you've done in the past.(So you won't feel so shitty about your presence self. LOL) Listening to all the songs I used to listen repeatedly during the year 2009, it somehow brought back all these good memories. Let's see. A LOT has happened during that year. As I recall, one of the highlights of my high school years. From getting my heart broken, getting shitty results, school dramas between classes, canteen day, friend leaving to penang, farewells, PMR, being rebelous, AMC idol, falling in love again, falling out of love, love at first sight, performances, trips with best friends... Yup. A LOT has happened during that year. Music Class, my favourite memory of all. We fooled around during most of our music class(Girls just tryin' to have fun). How we fight for every first(Our class teacher was Ms Yau). Ms Yau turned out to be this teacher we were so afraid of at first to the teacher we enjoyed being around with. Everytime when there's a hit song on radio(POP music used to be the shit back then), we will just sing that song for the whole day. Sometimes when the class is totally in silent(we were all stressed up studying for PMR), one of the classmastes will start singing a song and the rest will join in, one by one. After finishing the song, all of us will just laugh and cheer. Back then, I thought to myself "This will be the best class I've ever had." Turns out to be totally true. It was indeed the best class ever. Although there's a lot of different groups in our class, when it comes to class problem, we were very united. That explains why most of the classes hated us back then. Mainly because we were always living in our own world(True story). Enemies were made, Trus friends were found. It was indeed a memorable year. This probably sounded silly but I will never let go of all the memories I had during that very year. Let's just say this will be one of the stories I will be telling my children. Good stories are meant to be passed down aren't they? Till next time. JTL=)

Monday, April 1, 2013

1st of April;)

Oh Hai! It's April Fools! On this April Fools, surprisingly I don't feel like pranking nobody. I know. This is the only day when you can act foolishly without paying the consequences. For me, I've been starting to feel like this is just another ordinary day in life. Everyday, something is learnt. Life is a learning process. From the people you hang out with, You learn something from them. The goods and the bads. Trust. A huge component in life. Responsibility. A part of life. Whatever you do today, you have to pay the consequences tomorrow. Most of the time, before I start doing something really foolish, I ask myself. Will I let my future children do this when they were at my age? If the answer is no, it stops me from doing so. I once asked my mother, "Why do you let me drive in KL? Aren't you scare?" She replied,"Trust. I trust you. I trust that you will be careful and you will not do anything dangerous to harm yourself. I trust you for being capable to take care of yourself over there. I trust you not to let me worry and your main priority right now shoud be on your studies." Trust. She trust me. That makes me feel relief. Confidence level boosted up. In five years time, I don't want myself to look back and feel ashame of myself. That will be the last thing I want to do to myself. For a girl who once suffer from depression only because she doesn't look pretty and ideal enough for the society, I don't ever want to feel that way again. That phase of life was the shittiest I've ever felt about myself. It's okay to have fun and party once in awhile. I mean, c'mon. Everyone deserves some time off with whatever they are doing in life right? For me, I actually love going to rave party. EDM, TRANCE, HOUSE...Music where you don't need tequila to get high. It was last year when I discovered EDM. Never imagined myself falling madly with music like this(I used to hate remix musics). Calling(Lose My Mind) by Sebastian Ingrosso, the song that makes me fall for EDM. Everything changes after that. Never knew that music like this makes me happy, makes me feel so alive. "ELECTRONIC MUSIC IS TAKING ON, BECAUSE IT'S THE TRUTH" - WILL.I.AM Oh look what have I done again. Jumping topics here and there. Think it's time to stop don't you? Happy April fools peeps. JTL=)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where will we be five years later?

So yesterday, Jo Ern and I went to the airport to send a dear friend of ours off - Snoopy Teng Jo Ee.
I hate goodbyes(as usual) but at the same time, I am extremely happy for her.
In case you don't know, she's going to Korea to further her studies.
She used to be my classrep/desk mates. Look what have become of her.
A grown up(not exactly grown up grown up) lady ready to go out there and create her own bright, success future.
I know she's gonna be someone successful.
My sixth sense tells me that. I'm extremel proud of her.=)

Sending her off got me wondering, "Where will we be five years later?", "Will we be able to meet again?", "Will we ever lose contact?".
I know we are in the 21st century right now.
But hey, anything could happen right?
What if we never get to see each other again?(Which I doubt it would happen.)
What will all of us become five years later?
I mean, most of us are already in their UNIs already.
Probably we'll be done with UNI's, all ready to come out to the society for work?
The future seems so bright yet so scary.
It's an unknown.

Thought about this question for the whole day(which kinda leads me to tear) and I still don't have an answer to it.
Maybe five years later I could blog about where all we are by then.
That would be something amazing, right?=D
Till then, just live your current life to the fullest alright?
You're only this young today as you'll be a day older tomorrow.

Oh! Enjoy the chinese song below. It plays a big role in my high school life.
Memories flashing across my mind everytime I listen to it.
Ah! Memories.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Once upon a time, far far away...

"Once upon a time, there was a girl, and there was a boy. Cannot be anymore obvious.
They were best friends.
Like every other cliche stories, stuff happens.
The girl secretly fell for the boy.
The boy was clueless.
The girl decided not to tell.
If she does so, she was afraid it would ruin the friendship they were having now.
After months of keeping her feelings to herself, the boy finally knew.
He, despite of everything, wanted to remain their friendship just the way it was.
The girl knew it all along this would happened and pretty much wanted the same thing.
She knew it was hard, to undo feelings.
She's been there.
Yet, she fell into it, leaving her in total helpless.
Fighting this guilt/feelings was like a battle with herself.
"I am about to lose my best friend!" That's what she thought.
One night, with everything that was streessing her out the whole week and emotionally uncontrolled, she burst.
Burst out on him.
He was as stubborn as she was.
They argued, which she thought was the end of their friendship.
It was hurtful, she knew.
But it will be more hurtful to have him pretending her feelings toward him was fake.
They stopped contacting each other ever since.
Not one of them was willing to make the first move to reconcile.
Both of them were pretty stubborn people..." - 19/1/2013

A beautiful friendship could end up pretty badly with every possible way there is in the world. All of the sudden, you felt like a total stranger to the person whom you shared years of friendship with. You've been forced to acknowledge stuff you didn't know about the person before. The most hurtful part about losing a friend was never just losing a friend. It was knowing so much about a person but you couldn't be friends anymore because ego and pride were in the way.
Ego, Pride.
Sometimes, they mess up people's lives.


Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, Great year? Yes? No? What about 2013?

Every year, when the year is almost coming to an end, I will sit down and reminise everything I've gone through the year. This year is certainly no exception.

Just by wondering how afraid I was to go to college in the beginning of the year(I also bought a book entitled "How to communicate with people" just to calm my nerves) makes me laugh. Now, I fit into college just fine. So, Let's take a moment to talk about the peak and the pits of my 2012.

The peak? Well, I certainly don't know where to start. The one thing I am truly grateful throughout the year was having a stronger family bond. I love how much they love and care about me. They may seem like they don't, but secretly they do. A lot. My brother expecially. How I wish I have a little brother too. So that my brother could have a little buddy to play with, to love and to care for. Just like me and my sister. Oh how far did I drift to. Anyways, the other thing I am grateful for about this year was finally knowing what to do with my life. This question has been bugging me for 2 years and I am so happy I got it all figured out. Also, I am really happy to have met so many new people in my life. People I never knew that could mean so much to me. Amazing friendship was born and remained strong. Also the old ones. High school has been more than wonderful to me. I have the most amazing friends and teachers by my side. So I am really thankful for still having another year of friendship remained with them. Some has become hi-bye friends. Still, those were some pretty deep freindship before hi-bye friends. So I am indeed very happy with where my life at right now.

The pits would be losing my grandma. That, nothing could top that up. Not in this year. It's never easy to lose someone who meant so much to the whole family. Still, her passing away has been a relieve for all of us. She has been suffering so long. It's time for her to finally have a peace of mind. I love her and I always will. She will always be in my heart. Now that she's with grandpa, I am indeeed very happy for her. To finally be freed from all the pain she was suffering. ="). Also, the pits of the year would be being robbed, feeling insecure, not fitting in, not feeling good enough, blinded by love and all sorts of crap that happened this year. Still, I am standing here, in one piece. The pits force you to grow, to overcome the barrier, to learn life, understand it and live it to the very fullest. So I want to thank god for planning all the unexpected shits that happened to me. It was a wake up call for me. A wake up call for me to grow up. Now, don't you ever think that I've grown into a mature and good human being. No. Growing up does not and will never stop. It's a live long process.

Okay. I'll stop talking about whatever that had happened this year. As all of you would know through reading my previous posts. =)

Let's talk about resolutions then.
2013. A year I foresee I will fall in love with.
2013 resolutions:
1. Finishing A levels with the results I wish and work hard for.
2. Getting into IMU. My priority of the year.
3. Meeting new people.=)
4. Travel around the world with people I simply adore.
5. Live a healthy lifestyle.
6. To love and cherish my friends and family, always and forever.
7. To love and to be loved. It's a two-way thing.
8. Enjoy the things I am truly passionate about such as dancing, scrolling through the net finding great music and also planning and managing things and life.
9. To learn and to grow up in any problems that may seem insolvable at first.
10. To live my life. A very important resolutions in everybody's life.=)

So, I've got most of my 2013 figured out already. Have you? Don't be upset about your resolutions or the things you wanted so badly for not working out. Remember, when a door closes, another door opens. And I am not saying that just to please you or "it's a pretty damn good quote". I am saying this because it is true. Law of Attraction. Always remember and believe in it. Cause It's real.

Before I sign off this blog post, I want to sincerely wish everyone a Happy New Year! May your 2013 be ever in your favor.=D

JTL xoxo;)